The B1 HT Thermostat allows precise control of any heat source up to 600w by using advanced microprocessor technology. The B1 HT has a higher temperature range than the standard model B1 and controls between 29 and 45 degrees Celsius. This is particularly useful for species that need to be kept at higher temperatures such as bearded dragons and Uromastyx. The B1 HT is a dimming thermostat that gradually varies the power supplied to the heat source for a smooth change in temperature inside the vivarium. A recessed temperature control adjuster is used to prevent accidental temperature changes if the unit were to be knocked which would be easily done if the dial protruded from the casing. A yellow LED provides real time feedback as to how much power is being supplied to the heater. Long cable lengths ensure the unit can be fitted easily into most vivarium setups.

B1 HT Dimming Thermostat

User Manual

Temperature adjuster

Velcro strips

Max power output:          600w

Unit Size (cm):                 10x7.6x4

Mains Cable :                  1m

Sensor Cable:                 1.5m

Socket Cable:                 1m

Packaged size (cm):       24.5x16.7x6.5

Packaged Weight (kg):   0.5 Kg

EAN:                              0608641997064