About Us

About Us


Microclimate have been providing accurate and technologically advanced temperature control systems for over 30 years.

When the reptile hobby was in its infancy one of the backbones of the industry was Dave Lester. Operating from his store the Serpentarium based in Walsall, Dave designed the first thermostat aimed solely at providing temperature control for reptiles.

Sadly Dave passed away but his wife Chris still remains part of the company.

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We are always pushing the boundaries with product design and innovation.

This is largely as all of the software and hardware is designed and manufactured in house at our factory in Wombourne.

This has the great advantage that the hardware, software and manufacturing techniques all work in unison together and each product is designed from the ground up.

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From CAD Design, 3D Printing of prototypes, Software, Circuit board Design and Manufacturing the whole process is carried out in house.

This allows us to have complete control over the finished product that you recieve.

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Our production line uses high tech SMD placement machines that have multiple vision systems to scan each component before it is placed on the circuit board to ensure a high quality manufacturing process.

Circuit boards are all inspected before being completed by hand by our highly trained staff.

Each product is individually tested before it is packed. This ensures every item goes through our strict quality control and not just batch tested.

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All of our thermostats are now digital. Not all of them have displays but the control system inside is provided by micro-processors, running software tailor made for the individual product. This has a number of great advantages. The reliability and accuracy is greatly improved over an analog style thermostat due to a lower component count as less dependency of component tolerances.

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We want you to enjoy using your Microclimate product for many years to come so we offer our unrilvaled 5 year warranty on all of our thermostats.

If you have a problem just get in touch and we are always pleased to help.

We are extremely proud to design and manufacture all of our products in the United Kingdom.

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