Bearded Dragon Dimmer

Bearded Dragon Dimmer

Perfect temperature range for Bearded Dragon Basking zones!

The Bearded Dragon Dimmer is an evoloution of the Dimmer B1 Temperature. Designed in colaboration with the Bearded Dragon Owners UK Facebook group for the perfect basking temperature zone range. The same High resouloution dimming is present that the Dimmer B1 specialises in! Smooth transitions from 0% to 100% power no steps in the power output.  The software accurantly and quickly responds to temperature changes to maintain your reptiles environment perfectly.

You can use the Bearded Dragon Dimmer on any heatsource from heatmats, ceramic heaters, light emitting bulbs or heatpanels. There is no minimum load with Microclimate thermostats due to all Microclimate thermostats being digital!



Deep Gloss Black with high contrast vivid yellow design.

A dimming LED gives an indication of the ammount of power being utlised by your heater to maintain the set temperature.

No need to worry about accidental temperature changes with the recessed temperature controller!

The waterproof over moulded sensor assembly on the Ministat is extremely accurate at monitoring the temperature within your enclosure.

A more defined temperature control dial with the ability to control between 38 and 44 degrees celcius. Perfect for your basking spot.

Digital procesessing and in house developed software powers the Ministat ensuring high reliability and accuracy.

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