Dimmer B1

Dimmer B1

Ultra precise and smooth Dimming temperature control!

High resouloution dimming is what the Dimmer B1 specialises in! Smooth transitions from 0% to 100% power no steps in the power output.  The Dimmer B1 software accurantly and quickly responds to temperature changes to maintain your reptiles environment perfectly.

You can use the Dimmer B1 on any heatsource from heatmats, ceramic heaters, light emitting bulbs or heatpanels. There is no minimum load with Microclimate thermostats due to all Microclimate thermostats being digital!

A dimming LED gives an indication of the ammount of power being utlised by your heater to maintain the set temperature.

No need to worry about accidental temperature changes with the recessed temperature controller!

The waterproof over moulded sensor assembly on the Ministat is extremely accurate at monitoring the temperature within your enclosure.

Control the Temperature of your enclosure between 19 and 35 degrees Celcius!

Digital procesessing and in house developed software powers the Dimmer B1 ensuring high reliability and accuracy. With In-built diagnostics which perform constant checks on the thermostat for peace of mind.

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