Evo Lite

Evo Lite

Premium Touch screen digital thermostat!

Evo Lite is a high end digital thermostat that allows many customisation option.  You can control exactly how you want the thermostat to maintain the temperature inside your enclosure.  The Evo Lite is the baby brother of the Evo but it doesnt cut down on the features.

Dimming, Pulse and On/Off control are all possible with the EVO Lite.

Multiple timing modes allow you to control the environment to allow your animal to thrive in its conditions.

Avaliable in deep gloss black, striking green, gloss white, hot pink and deep purple.

Dimming, Pulse or On/Off control. Decide exactly how you want the temperature controlled.

Touch screen display with easy to use menu system. Providing all the information you need at a glance.

The waterproof over moulded sensor assembly on the Ministat is extremely accurate at monitoring the temperature within your enclosure.

Power Output level display, know eactly in real time how much of your chosen heaters power is being used.

Digital procesessing and in house developed software powers the Ministat ensuring high reliability and accuracy.

Multiple timing modes. Select from a constant temperature 24hours a day, day & night temperatures or up to 8 different temperature set points over 24 hours allowing you to replicate the climate your reptile lives in the wild.

Visial Alarm that you can customise to warn of under and over temperature.

Datalogging allows for a graph to be displayed showing the temperature data the Evo Lite has recorded.

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