Evo Lite

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Evo Lite

The Evo lite is a single channel touch screen digital thermostat.

With multiple timing modes you can select a constant set point, different set points for day & night or even multiple setpoints over a 24hr period.

Dimming or Pulse control its your choice. Versatile operation allowing you to chose how your heater or fans are controlled.

On screen data logging will allow you to view up to the last 24hrs of temperature history on screen.

Power Status shows you exactly how much of your heaters power is being used to achieve the temperature that you have set.

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On screen display lock prevents any accidental changes to your settings.

With a temperature range of 0c to 100c the Evo Lite has you covered for a wide range of reptiles.


IP Rated waterproof sensor ensures accurate temperature readings no matter the conditions.

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Compatable with the Microclimate mounting bracket.


600w Maximum Load

Dimming or Pulse Heater control

Digital temperature control and processing

2.5m IP Rated waterproof sensor

5 Year warranty

Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom