Compact and Mighty ON/OFF Temperature control you can rely on!

Compact and packed full of digital technology. The Ministat ticks all the boxes as an affordale temperture control soloution for your reptile.  On/Off temperature control is suitable for all types of heaters due to a temperature swing either side of the set point.

High quality digital processesing combined with software developed and tested over many years ensures we are confident that the Ministat is a device you can trust.

2 Versions avaliable meaning there is a Ministat suitable to your maximum power output requirements!

Ministat 100=100w

Ministat 600=600w

Know exactly when power is being supplied to your heater with the bright and clear power output indicator.

No need to worry about accidental temperature changes with the recessed temperature controller!

The waterproof over moulded sensor assembly on the Ministat is extremely accurate at monitoring the temperature within your enclosure.

Control the Temperature of your enclosure between 19 and 35 degrees Celcius!

Digital procesessing and in house developed software powers the Ministat ensuring high reliability and accuracy.

Download User Manual