Power Output:                500w

Unit Size (cm):                 31x12x6

Mains Cable :                  1.5m

Sensor Cable:                 1.5m

Packaged size (cm):       39x20x7.3

Packaged Weight (kg):   1.3 Kg

EAN:                              0608641996982

AHS 500

User Manual

Temperature adjuster

Lizard Decal

The AHS is a self contained heating system, comprising a ceramic heater, pulse proportional thermostat, heat reflector, automatic thermal trip and metal enclosure.The built in pulse proportional thermostat is extremely accurate and provides the power to the ceramic heater to achieve the temperature that has been set on the dial. The self resetting thermal trip operates if the temperature of the casing exceeds 70 degrees celcius.  This prevents the casing from reaching temperatures that may be dangerous to your pet.