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Ministat 100


RRP £33.99


Ministat 100 

Compact, Mighty and packed full of digital technology. The Ministat has been a standard in the reptile industry for many years.

The Ministat ticks all the boxes as an affordale temperture control soloution for your reptile.  On/Off temperature control is suitable for all types of heaters due to the  temperature swing either side of the set point.

High quality digital processesing combined with software developed and tested over many years ensures we are confident that the Ministat is a device you can trust.


Control up to 100w of heaters from the one compact unit.

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A recessed temperature control dial prevents any accidental changes to the set temperature so you can be certain that the temperature remains at the set point that you require.


With a temperature range of 19c to 35c the Ministat has you covered for a wide range of reptiles.


IP Rated waterproof sensor ensures accurate temperature

readings no matter the conditions.


100w Maximum Load

On/Off Heater control

Digital temperature control and processing

2.5m IP Rated waterproof sensor

5 Year warranty

Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

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