Advanced Heating System

Advanced Heating System

Self contained digital pulse thermostat and ceramic heater combination!

If your looking for a powerfull heater combined with a digital thermostat then the AHS is for you. A 500w UK Made ceramic trough heater is comined with a digital pulse thermostat in a high quality casing that also has independent temperature sensing on the casing to prevent the metal work becomming too hot.  The AHS really is a set and forget device with ceramics lasting for many many years.

500 watts of power avaliable for heating large enclosures. Provided by an ultra long life UK manufactured ceramic element.

A pulsing LED gives an indication of the ammount of power being utlised by your heater to maintain the set temperature.

For increased protection a bi metallic thermal trip prevents the casing from becoming too warm. So no gaurd is required to be used.

The waterproof over moulded sensor assembly on the Ministat is extremely accurate at monitoring the temperature within your enclosure.

Control the Temperature of your enclosure between 19 and 35 degrees Celcius!

Digital procesessing and in house developed software powers the AHS heater ensuring high reliability and accuracy.

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