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Dimmer B1 Digital
Dimming Thermostat

Digitally controlled thermostat offering Microclimate's HD Dimming technology. The software developed over years allows Microclimate Dimmers to dim extremely smoothly. This aids in the least disruption for your animal and the ultimate in temperature control.


Dimmer B1 can control any type of heat source whether it be light emitting or non light emitting. The same precise temperature control will be maintained.

No minimum load is required for Microclimate Dimming thermostats. So the Dimmer B1 is a real all rounder when it comes to controlling your heating requirements.

At Microclimate, we are proud to design and manufacture our range of thermostats right here in the UK.
Our products are the result of years of research and development.

  • 600w Maximum Load

  • Dimming Heater control

  • Ultra fast fuse protection

  • Digital temperature control and processing

  • 2.5m IP Rated waterproof sensor

  • 5 Year warranty 

  • Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

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